Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The scoop on "Blink Book Reviews"

It's summer and isn’t everyone looking for a good book to read? As much as I used to love snuggling in for a Sunday afternoon with the Washington Post Book Review, today I’m more interested in a quick blink of a review to grab the basics of whether the book will interest me.

I was at the beach over the holiday weekend with friends who have a summer reading challenge for their family. While I didn’t dare get tangled up in their debate over whether an audio book gets the same credit as a hard copy book, I was inspired to read more this summer.

I have fond memories of the library summer reading club when I was a kid, so I’m offering up my own version this summer – a quick series of what I’m calling “blink book reviews.” As anyone who writes for a living knows, writing short is much harder than writing long. So I’m challenging myself to write no more than 300 words about these books. Stay tuned this summer and get a blink of (what I hope will be) a dozen or so books. 

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