Sunday, August 4, 2019

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (revisited)

I'm an evangelist for the handwritten note...whether it's a thank-you note or a newsy few lines just to say "hi" to someone. I love to write them, and I love to get them.

When a handwritten note from a young friend landed in my mailbox this week, I danced a little jig. I knew who it was from by the handwriting. I knew it would hold something interesting. And it did.

It also reminded me to go back and read a blog post I'd written six years ago when I had gotten a similar note from the same young friend.

She had taken on the practice of writing a note a day during one of her early years out of college. I was flattered to receive several of them over the course of the year - not knowing at that point of her plan.

Her note this week and this archived post from Random Connect Points reminded me to pull out my pretty box of notes and get writing! Maybe it will inspire you too!

Thanks JessicaPhillips Tyson for the nudge.

During August, I'll be revisiting some of my favorite past posts from Random Connect Points with a shout out to those who inspired them.


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