Friday, June 28, 2013

Old camp friend

My mother recently gave me (or more accurately threatened me she would trash if I didnt take) several boxes of old letters and photos that were in her attic. In the box, I found a number of letters from friends I had made during my one year at Camp Pinnacle following the seventh grade.

Over the years, I often wondered what happened to the five or six pen pal friends I kind of lost track of once we hit high school. I found a couple of letters in this box from one of these friends, Frances from Beaufort, and thought about googling her name to see where she landed in life...but then went on to other things and forgot about it.

Fast forward a month or so, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw the daughter of a high school friend in Bluffton got married...and there was a post from my old friend Frances congratulating this mother of the bride. I sent Frances a quick Facebook message reminding her about Pinnacle not knowing if she would even remember me. Her quick response back said she definitely did remember, and we've had a fun back and forth exchange for a couple of days.

I guess it's not all that unusual to reconnect with old friends through Facebook this way, but this type of random connection that neither of us sought out continues to amaze me. This random connect point gave me a glimpse of the seventh grade "me" that Frances remembered and allowed us a quick trip back to those fun carefree days. It's probably trite to say we are getting to the age of nostalgia, but more and more I like making these connections back to the earlier days that made me who I am today.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Why a blog?

A blog, I thought. Hmmm. Would anybody really be interested in my sporadic writing projects, my perpetual lists or my thoughts about the random connections I keep discovering just about every day?

Maybe a blog will give  me the discipline I don't have to practice the mandolin daily or get up earlier in the morning. Maybe a blog will help me be a better writer and editor. Or maybe a blog will just let me do what I love...writing rambling, sometimes connected, ideas.

I've posted some writings that inspired me to go on and start a place to put this stuff. Look to the left to see the links. Some are work related; others are just fun things I've written..

So here it blog is not pretty or highly designed - maybe that will come later. Just a home for my daily random connect points.